“Remember anyone who is asked for an up front fee should think twice about whether this is the most appropriate service for them”.
Former Executive Director, The Credit Services Association
Credit Today Magazine

The one-off situation

For a one-off outstanding Debt or for a batch of Debts owing by UK enterprises we charge 10% commission + VAT.

If a debt is under £200.00 in value we charge £20.00 +VAT as a minimum charge. Often more work goes into collecting a small sum than a large one.  We do attempt to recover more than the debt owed to you, to partly offset the charges that we make to you for our success. This of course is dependent upon the debtor paying the additional sum. We are reasonably successful in this regard.

Be Assured – if we should fail to collect YOU PAY US NOTHING. If you have a debt outstanding please fill out out our short enquiry form by clicking here.  or phone us on 020-7405-4120.

Portfolio Debt Collections

Rates for European and International Debt Collection will vary according to age of debt – 15% unless the debt is more than one year old.

Please contact us for more details of our portfolio debt collections.

Enforcement & Legal

Your Judgments collected – Commission Rate subject to quotation.

County Court Proceedings – Success related charges.

Please contact us for further information on these services.

Research Assistance

Research information is covered by The Data Protection Act 1984. We are not a tracing Agency but we do research your debtor and give you a background to our understanding of the likelihood of success where our efforts are not successful and Court action may be required

All information relayed to clients is given in good faith and the Company assumes that the client has full permission of the named party where the enquiry is in relation to a private individual, and indemnifies the company to this effect.

VAT is applicable at the current rate on all United Kingdom and E.E.C. debt recoveries and services.